Output of UCSE table browser get data creates a new history and logs the user out.


I am new to Galaxy and currently doing Galaxy 101 tutorial. When trying to get the data from UCSC main table browser and after sending the output to Galaxy, it does not send to the current open session/history. It logs me out and create a new history.


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+1. I also am getting logged out when performing this tutorial after the getting variation data. Were you running this in Chrome? I was and then switched to Firefox and it seemed to keep me logged in.

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There was a prior issue that logged you out of Galaxy when downloading data from the UCSC Table Browser. It wasn’t a consistent fail and we believe it was related to query-quotas at UCSC, or session identifiers in Galaxy (how UCSC knows where to download the data). Logging into Galaxy will add the newly downloaded data into a new history in your account, and you will need to consolidate datasets between histories. Copies of datasets in your own account do not consume extra quota space, but you can still purge the histories you don’t need once you have a copy of the data in the history you want to work in.

Inconvenient, but we don’t have another solution right now. This is the open ticket: Redirect from data sources sometimes loses session cookies · Issue #11374 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub