PLR Error Message

I am having this error when I try to run PLR:

“Can’t locate design/ in @INC (you may need to install the design::primer_list module) (@INC contains: /sc1/groups/md/RMS/repos/in-silico-assay-design/lib /sc1/groups/md/RMS/repos/perl5/sharedperlmodules /sc1/groups/md/RMS/perlbrew/perls/per”

Any help would be really appreciated!

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Hi @yichenwang0

The error message indicates a missing tool dependency.

Please share more details so we can help.

For your use case, these are the most important items:

  1. What is the exact tool name and version? Find this at the very top of the tool form
  2. Where are you working? The URL of a public Galaxy server or describe if other
  3. An example would be helpful. If following a GTN tutorial, please share the link. If using your own data, a shared history link can be generated and posted back. Sharing your History

Let’s start there :slight_smile: