Problem running vault password script

sudo ansible-playbook galaxy.yml

[WARNING]: Error in vault password file loading (default): Problem running vault password script
/media/dell/T7/galaxy/galaxy_ansible/.vault-password.txt ([Errno 8] Exec format error:
‘/media/dell/T7/galaxy/galaxy_ansible/.vault-password.txt’). If this is not a script, remove the
executable bit from the file.

Hello @utpalh

You are reaching the wrong forum. This one is for

Please explain if I have that incorrect. Thanks!

I try to install galaxy and i encounter that problem. I thought Galaxyproject is for admin too. Correct me if I am wrong. So, I post it here. Which other group do you suggest, should I post my concern. I am new to galaxy community.

Hi @utpalh

Ok – thanks for clarifying. You are in the right place then!

Are you able to interact at all? This is the first tutorial of the Galaxy Admin training series that covers the configuration → Ansible

And, I’m curious about which OS you are running this under. A flavor of Linux?

XRef Private Galaxy Servers

Did you try to do what it says?