qiime2 import problem

Hi everybody,
I have paired end fastq files FO_1 and FO_2 (forward and reverse, respectively). I want to use them with qiime2. I uploaded them successfully to galaxy, however when I choose qiime2 tools import I receive error messages. The options that I am using are: SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality], Paired End fastq Manifest Phed33V2. My colleague was able to import the same two files to qiime2 on his machine using command-line codes (native qiime2), but I am unable to import them to qiime2 on galaxy. Please help. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Gerald

We are troubleshooting this tool in another thread. Please read through that about why this particular tool has been troublesome, and current advice. Creating QIIME2 artefacts - #13 by Martyn

Let’s combine the two.