Importing demultiplexed FASTQ.QZ files - Galaxy (EU) QIIME2

A issue was posted to the QIIME2 help forums (link to post); reposting for visibility here.

Pertinent post text:

I am trying to import demultiplexed FASTQ.QZ files using the “qiime2 tools import” on I’ve tried to import the FASTQ.QZ files for each read as PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33V2 and sistematically shows an error.
The Dataset information page shows:

Dataset Error Report

An error occurred while running the tool

Execution resulted in the following messages:
Fatal error: Exit code 127 ()

Tool generated the following standard error:
/data/jwd05e/main/060/403/60403369/ line 10: q2galaxy: command not found

The same occurs when trying to import files from ATACAMA tutorial.

per the response by a QIIME2 dev in the OP, the suspicion is that it’s a docker misconfiguration. I will include a link to this topic in the original forum post so the poster can follow along.


ping @bjoern.gruening @wm75 @gallardoalba

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