Qiime2 Visualization Link

Hi there!
I am new to server administration, and am setting up a galaxy server according to the ansible tutorial here. I stopped at the TPV jobs destinations step because for whatever reason it was breaking my jobs (from the error logs it seemed that the runners didn’t have access to the PostgreSQL database when I enabled TPV). Otherwise it is fully functional, except I would like to add one last thing.

I would like to create a Qiime2 view link for .qzv files just like the one here:

Does anyone know how they did this, and where I can find more information about it.
Thank you in advance!

(answered on Matrix but adding here as well for anybody else with the same question)

I think this stopped working in a recent release of Galaxy, maybe a bug, but as a workaround we now have a tool you can install that will convert qiime’s qzv outputs to html that can be viewed directly in Galaxy, which would also help in the case your Galaxy server is behind a firewall (the display link would not work in that case).

Here you can preview the tool on Galaxy EU

It’s an extra step for users, and ideally in the future the qiime wrappers will output this directly, but perhaps it’s helpful for you.

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