Recursive Workflow

Hi everyone,
The workflow I’m working on for my Uni thesis requires getting multiple samples (90+) from ENA browser and merging their outputs at some point later on to produce graphs e.t.c. My professor specifically asked me to make the workflow recursive so that it runs for the first sample and when it’s done, it runs for the next one and so on until there are no samples left.
From a coding perspective, that sounds possible, however I can’t manage to figure this out using Galaxy tools and (sub)workflows.
Is there any way to create such workflow?

Thanks in advance,

Well, this doesn’t sound like recursive, but like sequential runs.
In that case, what you’re looking for is simply automated runs of workflows, which is possible via the command line. There is a tutorial for this: Hands-on: Automating Galaxy workflows using the command line / Using Galaxy and Managing your Data

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