Rename workflow output based on input name

This problem applies to both web-based galaxy and 19.05 local.

What’s the current way to rename output based on input name?
current workflow: input database -> Trim Galore! (paired-end)
I tried to rename output as #{input1}_trimmed, #{input_name}_trimmed, #{input1}_trimmed, and for all of them I got _trimmed as new file name. What should I put inside { }?

Since I am trying to assemble about 100 sequences, default naming does not allow me to keep track of them.

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Hi @ZhuYi_Wang

You may have figured this out already – different tools name the “valid input variables” in different ways. The workflow editor prompts with the proper variable(s), per tool.

Two screenshots as examples. The first is the tool you are using:

Hope that helps!

Hi there,

Sorry to hijack/ reopen this thread. Is there an alternate input variable that works for all tools?? I have managed to rename the output for all of the tools in my workflow (using the method you have given examples of above) but I just cant seem to get it to work for nanoplot despite entering what is listed as a valid input variable.


Hi @jessemartin

Each tool will have specific variable(s).

Would you please share more details about what you have tried? Screenshots of attempts before/after renaming or share links to the workflow + output history.