Request for installation of Ktrim on Usegalaxy

Hello. First-timer here so I apologize in advance for not knowing the correct protocol or location for this request. Please let me know if I’m doing this correctly.

I’d like to request that you consider installing the new trimming tool Ktrim in UseGalaxy. It has very good metrics vs. other trimmers such as Trimmomatic:


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Hello @herricjb

This tool hasn’t been wrapped for Galaxy yet. And I didn’t find that anyone was already working on it.

To make the tool wrapper request, open an issue ticket for it at the IUC repository.

Explain what you want and include links to documents, authors, publications, etc. And, if you are interested in helping to wrap the tool, state so and you will get a lot of advice/help, there and later at Github/Gitter as you proceed. Planemo is strongly recommended for tool wrapper development and there is much help online, including tutorials.