Should i change de EntrezID of my genes if it has changed in NCBI?

I was using the “Annotated my IDs - FeatureCounts” tool when i realize that some of my genes had a NA tag, so i went to the NCBI page to check and it said “This record was replaced with Gene ID: XXXX”. Can i just replace them? or should i check somehow if this new gene correspond to my previous annotated ones?


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Hi @CamiOsega

The annotation was based on the original record. Checking to see what changed would be a very good idea. It would be your decision about whether or not any specific changes could impact the larger results in a way significant for your analysis purposes (if any, besides the name label).

New or different transcripts associated with that record would probably be considered a significant change since that could make the result non-reproducible, even if just in a small way.

Hope that helps

Thank you so much Jennnaj. I will review the data!
Sincerely Camila

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