snpeff iuc - error using different tools from package

I installed the latest repository (2019-10-15) of snpeff from iuc. It seems as the installation worked without any problems, however when using different tools from the package I am left with error messages.
E.g. Using snpeff databases in order to get a list of entries matching the following expressions “human”, the following error occurred: Fatal error: Exit code 1 (Error)
/export/galaxy-central/database/job_working_directory/000/23/ line 25: snpEff: command not found

Would a make sense to use an older repository?
Thanks for the help!

Hi @roselucia

This looks like a configuration problem. I’ve asked the IUC about it at Gitter. Feel free to join in there. They may reply there or here:

Meanwhile, the Galaxy docker version you are using might be helpful info. Where/how did you source it?

Hi @jennaj,

I used the following docker image: It is Galaxy version 18.09.
I joined the discussion! Thanks for your help.
Meanwhile, would it make sense to use an old repository?

Many thanks!

Alle the best,