SQLite migration to MYSQL db

Hi All,
is there a way to migrate from SQLite to MYSQL?
Because when I swith to MYSQL all the created workflows and the Pages get lost.
I can export the workflows and restore them, but I did not find a way to restore the Pages.
So I was thinking on migrating all the SQLite db to MYSQL.
Many thanks!

Hi Patri,

I can’t answer your question, but I can suggest that you look at migrating to PostgreSQL, if this is at all possible in your situation. Postgres is by far the most popular database for backing Galaxy servers. (However, if you do migrate to MySQL and find that you want to move to Postgres in the future, then see @hrhotz’s blog post on that migration.

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Hi Patri

I strongly suggest you migrate to PostgreSQL. MySQL is no longer supported (see: https://docs.galaxyproject.org/en/release_19.09/releases/19.09_announce.html#mysql-support-drop).

In theory, it doesn’t matter whether you switch from SQLite or MySQL to PostgreSQL, you can apply the same steps I have described in my post .

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

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