Suggestion for installation (refseq_masher)

Hey guys!
I hope everyone is fine!
I would suggest installing the refseq_masher package. I checked earlier, and found it in the toolshed.
Please, this package will help a lot.


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Hi @Carlos-Santos

Let’s see what the EU admins think. ping to start with @wm75

Tool request: Galaxy | Tool Shed

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In principle, the tool qualifies for inclusion on, but are you sure it will be useful for you?

The reason I’m asking is that the command line tool bundles its NCBI RefSeq database together with its code so there wouldn’t be a way for us to keep it updated, and that bundled data is 7 years old by now.

Maybe it’s worth asking the original tool authors first whether they recommend a newer tool for the task or are planning to update the data at some point?

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Hi @wm75 ! Thanks for the reply.
I`ll check with the authors about this issue.