The creation of the Collection of paired reads using the API encountered an error

Hello, I am very anxious, please help, thank you, I am using bioblend to connect to the usegalaxy API, my workflow input is Collection of paired reads.Part of my code is as follows:

history_name = 'MetaWin Results'
history_id = gi.histories.create_history(name=history_name)['id']

dataset_1 =, history_id=history_id, file_type='fastqsanger.gz')
dataset_1_id = dataset_1['outputs'][0]['id']

dataset_2 =, history_id=history_id, file_type='fastqsanger.gz')
dataset_2_id = dataset_2['outputs'][0]['id']

collection_payload = {
    'collection_type': 'list:paired',
    'name': 'Paired Collection',
    'element_identifiers': [{'name': 'forward', 'src': 'hda', 'id': dataset_1_id},
                            {'name': 'reverse', 'src': 'hda', 'id': dataset_2_id}]

uploaded_collection = gi.histories.create_dataset_collection(history_id, collection_payload)
# 设置工作流的输入参数
inputs = {
    'input1': {'src': 'hdca', 'id': uploaded_collection['id'], 'name': 'Collection of paired reads', 'format': 'fastqsanger.gz',
               'paired': True}

workflow_id = 'c0d6e75e9e3f9763'  # 工作流程ID
invocation = gi.workflows.invoke_workflow(workflow_id, inputs=inputs)

When a paired collection is generated, it is found that there are 2 paireds instead of 1 pair, which causes the input of Collection of paired reads to be unable to connect.

Can you please help me solve this problem? I would be extremely grateful.

Hi @chenqiang Let’s merge this into the other post. We also got your email message about the same. We’ll be getting back to you soon. If you could clarify which server you are doing this at in the other thread, that would help. There was a problem in creating a paired read collection using API