the tool fastq to fasta

I used the Galaxy tool fastq to fasta converter. I happened to repeat the same job, but got this time a different number of sequences than in the first time (3-4 times more). How can that be? I used the same parameters, as I used the “repeat this job” option, and the job was finished successfully with no error signs. any ideas?
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If you are working on can you share the history with me? User

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Thanks for your reply. but
I actually use Galaxy Australia sever.

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Hi - This will likely take an administrator to help out. I’ve reached out to them directly to let them know about your question. Given the time difference, give them a day or so to get back to you here. I don’t think this can be answered on a public forum as someone will need to review/compare the two runs who is an administrator on the server.

Meanwhile, I suggesting rerunning the tool once more. If you get the same result as the second run, this likely indicates that there was some technical server-side issue with the first run. They’ll want to know about this (and look at the root cause) but for your purposes, getting a correct result is what matters so you can keep going with your analysis.

To know if the result is correct, confirm the sequence counts between the original fastq and the resulting fasta by running the tool FastQC on both.


Hi kml,

Could you please share the history with I will then have a look and see what is going on.



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