This job is waiting to run - freebayes

I sometimes use FreeBayes tool and it always works well but today I am waiting for hours and it says “This job is waiting to run”, all other tools that I tried, worked normally. Is something wrong with FreeBayes tool?

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Hi Maja,

This message means that the job is in the cluster queue. It will execute when resources are available. Avoid deleting/rerunning unless you already know there is something wrong with the original run (inputs, parameters) – otherwise, the new job is added back to the end of the queue, extending wait time.

Tools execute on different clusters that match the resources needed to process the work. It is expected that some tools will run faster than others. The clusters that can handle computationally intensive tools, like Freebayees, will often queue for a longer time than simpler tools.

The best advice is to allow the job to complete. If it fails, then you can start troubleshooting the inputs.

FAQ: *How Jobs Execute

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