Tool request failed Maaslin -- Uncaught exception in exposed API method

Hello everyone,
I am trying to use maaslin from yestarday but i get always the following message

“Tool request failes Maaslins: Uncaught exception in exposed API method”

Is there any internal error ? I get the same message when I try to use Lefse.
Thanks for the help

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Hello @Andy87

This was happening at tool submission? The server was probably just busy, or this happened during short incident window earlier this week. Please try again now.

If you search with that error message here, you’ll find other Q&A where this was the solution, too.

Past and ongoing Galaxy Main and related server’s statuses and resources are tracked here:

Please find links to contact information for the public Huttenhower Galaxy server hosted at in the Galaxy directory here:

Thanks and our apologies if this was confusing!

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This tool is only installed on the huttenhower Galaxy server that runs a very old version of Galaxy. We cannot help you there.

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