Trinity Runtime


I have been running a trinity assembly on a dataset for 4 days now. Its still waiting to run or running (no idea)? When I come in each morning there is a message that mentions somthing about the connection interruption and if it persists to to contact admin, but my assembly seems to still be waiting to run or running?

Hi @bch

Pop-up message that state something about a “connection interruption” mean that the server is busy with respect to the browser session (server had temporary trouble posting the webpage over your connection). Reloading the web page usually gets rid of those. It is unrelated to queued jobs.

For longer queued jobs (grey in color), that is expected right now. All of the usegalaxy.* servers are very busy. If the job is already executing it will be yellow in color. Allow both states to process or you will extend the wait time: lose your place in the queue, or abort an executing job and need to rerun it.

This assumes that you have already checked the upstream jobs/datasets that were input to the Trinity job. If you haven’t yet, examine the inputs (expand the datasets) to make sure all are green and without any warnings. If you do find a problem, you’ll need to correct it, then rerun Trinity with the fixed inputs.