De novo analys still running

i start run de no vo (trinity) analysis last Tuesday, it still running. does it something wrong?

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Welcome @RinRyn

Few questions:

  1. Where are you using Galaxy? A public server? URL?
  2. Are the Trinity output datasets yellow (executing) or gray (queued, pending execution)?
  3. Do you have many Trinity jobs running, or just one?

Queued (gray) for a week is probably too long for a job to move to the executing phase, unless you also have many other jobs also queued/executing. Public servers are a shared computing resource. Some of your jobs will execute, then other people’s jobs, then more of yours, repeat. If the jobs are executing (yellow), allow those to process, and avoid deleting/rerunning as that places the new job back at the end of the queue again, further extending wait time.

FAQ: Galaxy Support

Let’s start troubleshooting from there, thanks!

Hi, Jennaj

  1. i used Europe server:
  2. yellow (during 2weeks)
  3. just one (but it consists of several fastq files. merged total 12files)

Can you advise me?