Queue time for Trinity

Dear Galaxy support,

I am a relatively new user to Galaxy (just started about 5 days ago). My Galaxy user name is ng_wei_jie. Recently I started a Trinity run on a set trimmed paired-end fastq.gz files, 8 in total each about 1 GB. How long does it usually take to start a trinity job? (I have been attempting to run the job for about a day already.) Is there a problem with the servers? Also, will the program still run if I log out?

Thank you.

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It started already, but I waited for about 1.5 days for the program to run.

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Hello @ngwj

Queue times can vary by time of day, day of week, the tool, and how many other people are running that same tool at the same time. The best strategy is to start jobs up then allow them to run. Avoid deleting and rerunning in hopes of jobs running faster, as that only puts your job back at the end of the queue, extending wait time.

If there are server issues, this is where to check: https://galaxyproject.statuspage.io/. Right now there are some issues with Support & Test Servers, but none with Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org.

FAQ: Datasets and how jobs execute

Related Q&A: https://help.galaxyproject.org/search?q=queue

Thanks for the help.

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