Troubleshooting error from tool gatk4_mutect2 version

I am trying to run GATK4 Mutect2 in Galaxy, but i am getting following error

Dataset Error

An error occurred while running the tool .

Error Details

Execution resulted in the following messages:
Fatal error: Exit code 1 ()
Tool generated the following standard error:
INFO: Failed to detect whether we are running on Google Compute Engine.
How to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help

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Hello @Suvilesh

This is just a warning, not the cause of job failure.

The full stderr for the failed job will include more details. That report is linked from the “Job Details” page (“i” icon in the expanded red error dataset).

In short, the error is probably due to a problem with the inputs. Running through a few tutorials will likely help.

Also, see the support FAQs for usage tips.