Tutorial "MaxQuant and MSstats for the analysis of label-free data"

Dear galaxy organizers,

by learning the LC-MS data analyzing with " MaxQuant and MSstats for the analysis of label-free data ( By: Matthias Fahrner)" I have a problem: I followed the instruction for using MaxQuant, with the protein data base I generated with the tutorial of handling the FSATA dataset which I confirmed to be correct. But the MaxQuant analysis did not work by following the above mentioned tutorial after several try. I can not understand what war wrong.


can you please describe what your problem is? That will help us to help you :slight_smile:


Hi,# thank you very much for your help!# I did the step Maxquant as described in the tutorial “MaxQuant and MSstats for the analysis of label-free data” just with one change: I used the protein dase which I generated by following the tutorial “protein FASAT database handling” . I have used this database to learn other tutorials and got the results as expected. So the problem was somewhat others. I did the MaxQuant setting as described in the tutorial.Can I share the history to you?