server overloaded?

Running HISAT2 on a small set of data (8 paired-end runs) with an uploaded fasta file. 5 out of 8 are finished, but the remaining 3 are already >2 days in the execution stage. Any option to induce speed of executing?

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Hi @Henk

All of the public servers offer equal resource allocation to everyone. Some of your jobs run, then some of other people’s jobs run, more of yours, repeat.

To see what the server is processing right now, go to the server homepage and review the graphs. Those are real time based on live data streams from the server.

Xref: Troubleshooting resources for errors or unexpected results

If you need job priority, explore the private options. You can connect these to your local clusters, cloud clusters, etc. Some options are free (you would be the administrator) and some are pay-for-use with optional admin support. Click into this guide below for selected examples of both.

Xref: Private Galaxy Servers