BUSCO job not running

I am trying to run few BUSCO jobs in galaxy europe as well as in galaxy usa. But none of the BUSCO jobs are running. All the jobs are still grayed out. Could you please look into it when will the jobs run?

Hi @Sutrisha_Kundu

Your jobs will run when resources become available. Some of your jobs run, some of other people’s jobs, more of yours, repeat. This is how public Galaxy servers always work, so the operation is very normal.

If you are working at UseGalaxy.eu, the overall queue state is graphed by tool. You’ll see the most popular tools being used right now, and can maybe get a very general estimate from that.

As of right now at UseGalaxy.eu

  • Over 650 people are using the server
  • About 500 jobs are executing
  • Several thousand jobs are queued

The statistics are recalculated in real time, and you can always check that statistics page whenever you want to get an update. No one really knows which jobs are exactly yours but you can at least get a general idea of how busy the service is.

Other public Galaxy servers may not have those same graphics available publicly but the server state will be about the same: each is continually processing new work. The best advice is to queue your jobs, considering setting a notification, then check back later.

Hope this help! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand your point that my jobs are queued. However, they have ben queued for a long time and have not even started running. They are still grayed out. So, I am worried whether they will run or not. I hope they will. Isn’t it?

Hi @Sutrisha_Kundu If the jobs are queued, they are scheduled to run. :slight_smile:

That said, if you ever think something might be wrong with the server itself, you can check that page I linked above. To check overall status of the UseGalaxy servers (any) you can check the link right next to that one, called Check the status of the server. Direct link is here → https://status.galaxyproject.org

Alerts about server issues also post out to various social media. Links to those are at the bottom of the Galaxy HUB here → https://galaxyproject.org/