User not found issue

I had a account and tried to log in, but it said “User not found.” Please help me. i need my data’s from this account.

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Hi @Pratanukayet

We discussed this over email, but for any others that run into a similar problem…

  1. Accounts at different public Galaxy servers are distinct.
  1. Check the original account activation email (the one with the link) for details.
  • server URL
  • the exact email address used for registration (case sensitive)
  • administrative contact
  1. All known public servers are in our directory listing.
  1. Data can be transferred from one server to another without a download step: workflows, histories, and individual datasets.
  1. Each account will have distinct a distinct data quota and jobs will use resources specific to that server. The homepage of the server will usually have more details. Please ask questions if anything is unclear :slight_smile: