Using Galaxy to run SNiPlay on the CLIMB command line ssh

Hi, I’m new to Galaxy but have had been using a CLIMB instance for over a year now. There’s a program I want to run called SNiPlay, which is only available online or on galaxy toolshed. I can’t use it online because of the volume of sequence data I want to feed into the program. Ideally, I’d like to use this program on the command line on my CLIMB instance, but in order to do that I think I need to have the tool on Galaxy.

I think to install a tool you need to be an admin, however when I try and login to my IPaddress/cloud my browser says “your connection to the site is not private” and I can’t seem to get round it. I can’t find the thread I was using for admin rights now, but it is possible that I did this incorrectly.

I might be going about this problem the wrong way, but if anyone has any advice on how I can get SNiPlay to work on the command line through galaxy, I’d be really grateful. Or even if I can get it to work on the Galaxy GUI, by adding the tool to my galaxy cloud interface. I usually run programs installed by conda on the command line, so am out my depth!