what does "Current on-disk tool is not valid" mean?

I am trying to develop a tool on my local galaxy. Here are the commands and inputs:

        Rscript '${__tool_directory__}/correlationMatrix.R'
            -f $expressionData
            -m $method
            -c $correlationMatrix              


    <param name="expressionData" type="data" format="tabular" />

    <param name="method" type="select" label="select one method"/>
            <option value="pearson" selected="true">Pearson(use default) </option>
            <option value="spearman">Spearman rank </option>
            <option value="kendall">kendall rank </option>


But now galaxy show en error message: “Current on-disk tool is not valid”

and no method can be selected.

What’s wrong?

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It means that your tool is not valid, and so you’re seeing the last valid version.
I’d recommend running planemo lint on your tool, which should tell you what went wrong.

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What is " planemo lint"? How can i run it?

Have a look at https://planemo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/readme.html#quick-start

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