Where to find a dataset collection link to download through wget/curl

Hi, I am trying to download a large collection of BAM files through the command line. I have an API key, which is the last part of the download link needed to be specified; however I am lost on where to find the download link for the entire collection (links from each individual dataset are available). The “disk” button does not retrieve/or is associated with a link (see screenshot)

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Hi @alejandrogzi

Thanks for asking about this. We knew that the functionality was dropped in the new/beta history view but weren’t sure if anyone was actually using it or not. Sounds like it is!

I created an issue ticket to add in the function. Details are here along with available workarounds: New/beta history: add functionality to enable capture of a collection's URL · Issue #14896 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

Please feel free to comment/upvote that ticket plus you can follow it for updates :slight_smile:

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