Workflow doesn't execute any step after successfully being invoked.

My workflow does not execute any step after being successfully invoked. Under “Step scheduling” there is written: Loading step state summary and under “Job execution” there is written: Loading job summary. Nothing has changed for over 40 hours and the single steps that are included in workflow do work properly on my input dataset, so there is no mistake in the workflow nor in the input data. It just does not “kick off”.
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Welcome, @Monika

Is this still a problem? If so, please review the help in the prior posts linked below.

The most important parts are:

  1. Make sure the workflow includes “inputs”
  2. Disconnect/reconnect the “noodles” between tools when an existing “input” type or a tool parameter is modified, or if “input(s)” are added in.
    • Connect the noodles starting from the inputs through downstream tools (left side of the workflow canvas to the right side). This will reset metadata/logic internal to the workflow.
  • Save a copy of your original workflow back before making more edits, in case you need to start over again for some reason.

Note: Not all “input” changes/additions or tool parameters changes can trigger workflow execution problems. The steps above are where to start and resolve workflow execution problems in most cases.

Please review the prior help for more details, add inputs/reconnect noodles first, test it, and we can troubleshoot from there if still a problem. How to stage and share the history + workflow involved is included in the second post. Share links can be sent into the mailing list or in a direct private message here, or you can post it publically as a reply (your choice). I’m an admin at both. Never share your account password – administrators will never ask for or need it.


Good day, I am having the same problem. I run a workflow on a collection and the new history is empty. I already add Input at the beginning of the workflow, I chose type list:paired, I reconnected the noodles, I try sending more than once the workflow, but still the history is empty. How can I know that the workflow is running, I waited but it is the same. After running the workflow it stucks here.
Workflow Invocation State (invoked at 2020-06-21T17:49:17.581194)
Step Scheduling
Loading step state summary…
Job Execution
Loading job summary…
What can I do?
This is the link to the workflow
Thank you

Update: Hi, I fixed the data type in fastqtosam and now the workflow is working but just with a list of paired dataset collections contaning just one sample, It is not working for a list of dataset collection with several samples. Also, I have to send the job more than oncec until finally it could populate the history of results.