100 % CPU aad RAM usage


After hard reset of computer with local instance of galaxy and restarting of galaxy usage of CPU and RAM always skyrocket instantly to 100% and computer is unusable.

How can I deal with this issue?

Thanks in advance


Have you been able to figure out which process in your system is using all your CPU?


Thank’s for reply,

This problem was resolved by changing the path to SNPeff tool which cause this problem.

Maybe you can help me on another matter. As I change the number of simultaneous tasks in the galaxy yml configuration file, it unfortunately does not do anything. They still perform 4 tasks simultaneously as by default. Unfortunately, sometimes as a very resource-consuming tool, it would be more convenient if only one process at a time was performed by the galaxy.

Is there an easy way to do this?

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If I understood correctly your needs, probably you need to limit the number of concurrent jobs users can run, see Limiting Job Resource Usage in the documentation.

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and have a look also here

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