Multiple cores on Mac?

Hi, we have a local install of Galaxy running on a MacPro 2010 with an 8-core Xeon and 28 GB of memory and several Tbs of SSD storage. It runs jobs about as fast as use.galaxy but it is only using one of the processors, but with multithreading. The programs used are:
concat, trimmomatic, fastqc, hisat2, and featureCounts.

Can anyone advise about the best strategy to use more of the processors?
Thanks for the help.

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One of the things to keep in mind when using multithreaded tool wrappers like trimmomatic is the $GALAXY_SLOTS environment variable, which is used in the tool’s generated command to specify the number of threads for execution.

For more information on that variable, I would like to draw your attention to the documentation for the $GALAXY_SLOTS variable.

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