Adding Silva Database to Galaxy


I am new to Galaxy

A student asked me to add a database from silva to galaxy

I downloaded the database but I dont know how to add it to our Galaxy site


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I think the forum members here need a bit more info if they want to help you. For which tool you want to use Silva? Like, BLAST or a mapper. Are you running galaxy local or are you using

Maybe already some inspiration for you:
You can upload the fasta file by clicking the upload button on top of the tool menu. After that you can create a database with the makeblastdb tool. And after creating the database you can you use the blastn tool.

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I want to add an arb file from this link

In a local Galaxy

Hi @Nidhal_Ghanmi

Details always help. Is the use for this tool?

The tool form states that it accepts both fasta and arb reference datasets from the history. I haven’t tested that but you could try. Or, pre-index your data to conserve memory usage during runtime – likely an important factor with this particular tool.

Contact the tool authors if you have indexing problems – either at the Github repo (an issue is best if you find an actual bug) or ask for more help/vet a question at Gitter here:

Please review and clarify more about your goal if this is not your use case.

Thanks @gbbio!!

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