All history deleted and purged

Hi there,

This is Roger. I logged into my galaxy’s account and all my data was removed and purged. Is there any reason for that? Can anyone help me here?


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Please see this notice: Accounts deleted from Galaxy Main to enforce posted Terms and Conditions

To be very clear:

  • Pick ONE account to restore. Be very clear.
  • List out your duplicated accounts to prevent this from happening again. Not all duplicated account were removed at once. Expect this to continue. We have limited resources and need to ensure fair usage.
  • If your email was from public service, you’ll need to confirm your unique identity. Primary work/academic email is usually enough. Variations on the email address (common) are not accepted.

All will be private to the administrators of our server when the email is sent in and is used only to confirm your unique identity going forward, prevent accidental duplicate account detection with other unique people, prevent account loss due to new duplicates being identified (existing and/or new accounts) – IF you follow our terms of usage going forward.

Be honest, clear, and do this immediately. We want to help you. The GCC annual conference starts on July 1st, 2019 and many will begin to travel soon. Restoration request emails that arrive after early tomorrow morning (June 27th), or that are incomplete, will result in account restoration delays on our side for up to 2-3 weeks.

If this happened at a different public Galaxy server, you’ll need to contact them. All public Galaxy servers, and many private Galaxy servers, have an account quota of one account per distinct user per server. Each handle duplicated accounts differently. Contact information is usually on the home page of the server and sometimes (or also) here:

Thanks for understanding!