An XSEDE user and I would like to connect to Galaxy for more memory

Hello, I used to be able to have a higher storage on the main galaxy when it was hosted at iu since as an XSEDE user I could access my files. I asked XSEDE to find out if there is a workaround for this now at Galaxy Main. They sent my request to PSC, but so far no one there can help me.

Please let me know if there is a way to integrate to XSEDE anymore, or if there is a way to increase my storage so that I can upload the files I am trying to work on? If am copying the original email exchange with XSEDE here, just in case it is helpful (probably not).

Tue Aug 24 21:30:26 2021: Request 154198 was acted upon.
Transaction: Correspondence added by buskuehl
Queue: 0-PSC
Subject: XUP: Galaxy access with larger dataset
Owner: tmaiden
Status: open
Ticket URL: XSEDE User Portal | My XSEDE


I am sending this ticket to the PSC admins.


Ellen Buskuehl
XSEDE Operations Center at NCSA
1-866-907-2383 toll-free

On Tue Aug 24 21:21:03 2021, portal wrote:

[Ticket created from XUP by pmiller]
[From: Paige Miller]
[Category: Science Gateways]
I submitted a ticket earlier today with a description of my problem
but it seems to have disappeared.

If it already went through, sorry for the duplicate request.

I am trying to use the Galaxy Main instance to analyze my data but I
don’t have enough memory on the public site. I would like to be
able to use my account on Bridges2 (RM) where I have the dataset,
or Jetstream or the Galaxy Trinity instance, or whatever would
work better to run my dataset. I’m not good with command line and
most of the programs I need are on Galaxy Main. I saw a note after
the site was changed that it might be possible to
access Galaxy Main using an XSEDE allocation.

Thank you.