Attempting to use Stitch MAF blocks tool, but lack of documentation

Hello, I am trying to provide a list of input coordinates so that I can use this tool to stitch together existing MAF blocks, but it is surprisingly complicated. I don’t understand why galaxy is insisting that the “choosing intervals” input is a file (shouldn’t it just be intervals, such as (1,6)?

I’m also not sure what to put for MAF type. Any help would be immensely appreciated, thank you!

Welcome, @danielrebib

This publication I helped to author from 2012 covers the usage of this tool suite in great detail. It is open source. You’ll notice that the UI has been updated but the underlying logic and data formats are still the same, and the original example data is still available in a shared history. Please give that a review, as I think it will address all of your questions, but you can ask if anything is not clear.

Thanks so much, Jennifer!

I actually started on attempting writing a script to stitch the blocks together before I saw your reply. I’m halfway? through, but I’ll find your link super helpful when I’ll try to benchmark my results to see if the stitching works.

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