Barcode Splitter Bug

The barcode splitter tool is not allowing for parameter changes.
It will only run with the default 0 mismatches and 0 deletions, even if you change the parameters, the program will run as if it set to the default 0/0 values.

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Hi @RobHuffster31

The most common cause of unexpected results with this tool is a formatting problem with the tabular formatted list of barcodes input to the tool.

This is described on the tool form, but in short, you want one header line that starts with a “#” and does not include any tabs (only spaces), followed by one line per barcode, two columns each line, columns separated by a tab.

It is very important that there is no extra “whitespace” anywhere in the file, meaning no extra spaces, no extra tabs, no extra trailing blank lines, and no other hidden characters (soft returns that Excel can introduce, and the like) on any line. The tool is picky about inputs.

Also, make sure that you are using the most current version: Barcode Splitter (Galaxy Version 1.0.1)

I would suggest downloading your barcode dataset from Galaxy and examining it to check for extra whitespace. Using the “eye” (view dataset) icon will display the data in Galaxy but sometimes extra whitespace is not easy to detect that way.

Please give that a try, confirm formatting, fix as needed, then upload the file to Galaxy again and rerun to see if the issue is resolved. There are no known problems with this tool.

If that doesn’t work, confirm that you are working at, that you are using the 1.0.1 version of the tool, and leave all inputs/outputs undeleted. Then send me (@jennaj) a direct message with a share link to the history containing the unexpected results. Or, you can post that share link publically if you don’t need to keep your data private.

Be sure to note the dataset number of the problematic barcode tool results. From that, I’ll be able to review to find out which other datasets were used as inputs, double-check format/usage (and provide feedback about how to fix it on your side), or confirm if there is a new server-side tool bug.

This is how to how to send a direct message here at Galaxy Help.


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