Input format problems with tools

Could someone please post a more specific solution for this problem? I’m having the same issue with a different tool. Can’t seem to get Galaxy to recognize the header in a sensible way. @Amalie how did you solve it?

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Welcome @ncarrut

This FAQ covers the most common problems with differential expression tools/analysis. Please review to see if it helps.

If you cannot determine the problem, please clarify your issue a bit more. I did move it into a new topic since you stated that you are using a different tool.

  1. Where are you working? If a public server, share the base URL
  2. What tool are you using? Copy the full name, including version, from the top of the tool form.
  3. Which option on that tool form are you submitting the input file to?
  4. What is the currently assigned datatype of your input?
  5. Did you assign the datatype yourself or did you allow Galaxy to “autodetect” when uploading?
  6. What datatype is assigned if you redetect by clicking on the pencil icon (upper right corner of the dataset), go to the Edit Attributes forms, tab into “Datatypes” and use the button to “Auto-detect” again?
  7. If you want to share a few lines of your file, including the header, that would be helpful.

Let’s start there, thanks!