Problem with uploading file

I am beginner here. As a part of introduction tutorial I have uploaded file from PC. everything went well. And for quality of reads of the same file, I have chosen FASTQC tool. When I chosen the same file which I have just uploaded, the column accepted extracted the file but with word (UNAVAILABLE). still I executed the program and the result was an error.
So I have tried to upload the same file from external link i.e NCBI and the result was an error.
So can you please help me with this

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Welcome, @YKV

When loading data, allow the Upload tool to “autodetect” the datatype.

For data that is already loaded or after using some tools (such as Cut that output tabular format) if you are not sure of the proper datatype the best option to try first is to “redetect” the datatype. Click on the pencil icon for the dataset to reach the Edit Attributes forms. The 3rd tab (Datatypes) allow for the direct assignment of a datatype (when needed, with the “Assign Datatype” button) but try the “Detect Datatype” button first.

In most cases, Galaxy will guess the correct datatype, especially for the common data formats used in introduction tutorials. If you do not get the expected type detected and assigned, there is likely some formatting issue.

These Support FAQs will help more, especially when learning:

If that does not help for the NCBI data, please post back the URL you pasted into the Upload tool as a reply. Also, post back a link to the tutorial you are following and note the step you are at, and we can troubleshoot more from there.