Breaking collections

Hi everyone!

I’m following a tutorial on metatranscriptomics (Metatranscriptomics analysis using microbiome RNA-seq data) but with my own data (around 150 samples, paired). I’m obviously building a collection of my paired datasets, everything’s fine until I need to run SortMeRNA which only takes separate forward and reverse reads as input. Is there a way to break the output collection from trimmomatic and feed SortMeRNA the forward and reverse reads as batch?
Should I generate two separate collections from the start, one for the fwd and one for the rv reads and treat them separately?

Many many thanks!

P.S.: There’s a related question (Detaching Data Collections) but I don’t seem to find my answer there.

So if I understand your problem correctly, then the tool Unzip collection (in Collection Operations) is what you’re looking for.

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