Cannot analyze MD simulation using GROMACS - error 127


I tried to analyse my recently performed a MD simulation using GROMACS following a tutorial (Running molecular dynamics simulations using GROMACS ).
Parameters of the MD simulation were slightly modified to have shorter simulation (because my protein is around 350 residues).

I then tried to analyse the results following Bio3D tutorial (Analysis of molecular dynamics simulations).

Everything seemed to work fine exept when I tried to analyse the results. In fact lauchning RMSD Analysis using Bio3D resulted in " /corral4/main/jobs/046/826/46826281/ line 9: Rscript: not found " alias " Fatal error: Exit code 127 ()"

Do you have an idea why?

Thank you so much,


Workflow : Galaxy | Accessible Workflow | 221114 MD test FGFR-RSK gromacs v3
Dataset :87414315 (bbd44e69cb8906b5a3ee8b8c60394a49)
History : 6677271 (ba081d172fac65b7)