Cloudman FTP for Dummies?


I’m relatively new to all of this and managed to successfully launch my GVL server on cloudman, woo!

I’m having issues uploading data now though. At first I tried uploading BAM files via local upload, which I realize now was a bit dumb. I’m now trying to setup and FTP connection to my cloudman server, but having a very difficult time.

I read the documentation on setting up an FTP server, but for someone not in the know like myself, I’m finding it difficult. I’ve used FileZilla in the past for a separate EC2 connection on AWS. Is it possible for me to connect to my server via FileZilla? I have my pem key stored on FileZilla and everything, but I’m getting errors connecting.

Does anyone have any guide for dummies or a video detailing the process?

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To add a bit more detail, I found the info about the Data Browser that was included in the more recent beta version, which is what I have. However, on the main GVL page the Data Browser won’t launch when clicked, and then disappears. Once it’s gone I can’t reload it either.

@Jackson_Brougher you got a reply on github isn’t it? Just double checking. Please do not cross post your questions :slight_smile:

Apologies, I did. I got a very helpful response for accessing the admin panel, and replied with the issue I was having on uploading data.

Sorry for the cross post, and thank you for the help with figuring this out!

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