CONCOCT not working.

Dear all,

I am trying to run the CONCOCT tool in but it gets stuck in orange for days. Is this normal to take several days without any results? Can somebody check if this is working somewhere else?


Hello @biotemon

The job would have failed (red) or completed (green) by now.

An orange/yellow dataset means that the job has been dispatched to a cluster and the final result is not back yet. Quitting out at that stage limits what kind of feedback you’ll get in the job logs. So, unless you already know the job will fail for some reason, it is best to let those run to completion.

Jobs will take as long to execute in Galaxy as they would anywhere else given the same input/tool/parameters. Why? Galaxy itself is doing exactly that – sending the job to a cluster.

A long running job could be for many reasons: large data, computationally expensive parameters or the tool itself is computationally expensive always.

The help section of tool forms generally have link outs that provide more author or publication details about expected runtimes given resources. Once your job finishes, you can go into the Job Details view to review what Galaxy was using, and estimate from there.

Several FAQs cover how jobs run at public servers: and I also added a tag to your topic.