Configuration File for SortMeRNA through Browser

Hello, I am trying to allow permissions to use the SortMeRNA tool for Galaxy. I am running into a problem however where I cannot access the config file. I think this is because it is not being hosted on a local server, but rather through the servers allocated by Galaxy with my account. Is there a way to access this file, or will I have to set up a local server?

Any help is gladly appreciated, thank you

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Welcome, @jhick!

I’m not sure what this means, but guessing this is some Galaxy server where you are not an administrator?

Only administrators for a Galaxy server can perform admin-level tasks (through GUI or line-command). “Admin tasks” include reviewing configuration files or making changes.

If you found some problem on a public Galaxy server or one hosted by a group you are associated with (but not admin), you should contact the admins directly to report the problem with an installed tool or to request more information about configuration. Contact information is usually on the home page of the server and sometimes here:

If you happen to be working at Galaxy EU (two versions of this tool are installed there), that team is present at this forum. Let us know, and we can help to re-label your question and ping them. If you could also provide more details about what is going wrong or the exact config information you want to review (and why, for context), please include that in your reply post as well.