Create a Galaxy workflow to identify polymorphic sites in three individuals data - BWA error

workflow need to map the three sets of paired reads to the Human reference genome (hg19). I need to use a variant caller to identify sites that appear to have strong support for the presence of a polymorphism, and call the genotype at that site for each sample. I am trying to follow the above points but afer fastQC while doing BWA it shows error. and can’t go further, please help me on it.

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This occurred at Galaxy Main, correct? Check the URL where you are working to confirm.

  1. First, try at least one rerun.

  2. Should that fail again, click on the bug icon for the error dataset and review the error message.

You can post back the error message here for more help, compare to the FAQ below, or submit the bug report. It is important make sure all inputs/outputs are undeleted for review. Please include a link to this post in the comments so we can link the two.

FAQ: Troubleshooting resources for errors or unexpected results


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