Data upload fails

I’m doing the NGS tutorial from NGS data logistics.

At one of the steps, I have to import a genome NC_045512.2 from Genbank via a link:

I get a warning: “Unsupported Media type (415)” and the upload doesn’t happen. It looks like this:

I check and the link itself works if I just put it into my browser.

My history is here: Galaxy | Europe | Accessible History | Galaxy Introduction Part 2

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This looks like .*gz files are failing to download under Chromium · Issue #12330 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub.
This is usually temporary, but of so far unknown cause. You could actually help us debug this if you could go to the developer console of your browser (with F12) and get us query and response details while you have this error from the “Network” tab.
Thanks in advance!

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It just started working, before I had a chance to pull the info from the developer console. Thanks.