EdgeR Tutorial for Differential Gene Expression

I wanted to use EdgeR for DEG but couldn’t find the tutorial. I have used DESeq2 previously but it was giving errors as I have only one sample for each control and treated. So I wanted to use EdgeR. Is there any tutorial of this tool like we have for DESeq2?
I’ll be highly thankful.

Hi @Avantika_Bansal

All of the Bioconductor tools require replicates as far as I know. And they definitely do for the wrapped version of tools hosted in Galaxy.

Cross Reference

Usage help is at the very bottom of the tool forms. It is too much for this tool to quote and post back, but if you search the tool panel for the tool, click into it, then scroll down you’ll find it.

For example data, the tutorial data associated with Limma and DESeq2 should also work fine for EdgeR. Find links to available tutorials also at the bottom of tool forms. Not every tool has a Galaxy tutorial, but if anything is known about external resources, that is also linked onto the tool forms.

If you run into a usage problem that you can’t solve, you can ask more about it here and we can try to help.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll go through it.

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