Error browsing files


When I try to browse through my files to select input files for a tool, I get the error message ‘Internal Server Error (500)’.

Kind regards,

Hello @lou

The server is up and working without known issues:

Please try again. Sometimes a server will reject connections temporarily due to being busy, or restarting.

If that is not enough, check the input datasets. Is there anything special about them? Can you expand the datasets and review the contents? Were the data fully uploaded with a datatype assigned? If you directly assigned that datatype, instead of allowing Galaxy to detect it, you could try re-autodetecting the datatype. You might want to do that anyway to see if it resolve the problem. #detecting-the-datatype-file-format

Let’s start there. If you still need more help after checking on your own, please post back a share link to your history publicly as a reply or ask for a moderator to set up a direct message to share it in privately. #sharing-your-history