Error in batch correction

Dear All,

I am analyzing LC-MS Full scan, I am struggling to correct Batchs but facing the error:

**Error in normlinear(sub, detail, valref[p], b, valNull, sm_meta, min_norm) : **

- - - -
No pool nor sample value >0 in batch 2 of ion M319T11- correction process aborted.
- - - -
Calls: meth3L → norm_QCpool → normlinear
Execution halted

I am a little confused about it, could you give me the advice to fix it?

Hello @kun_Anouar

The error message implies that one of the groups (single sample or pool of samples) doesn’t have any meaningful data to process. That may not be specifically what is going on – but does indicate that the tool is looking for data that it cannot find. So, there could be an input format problem, some parameter problem, or an actual content problem to address.

Have you seen the GTN tutorials? These have example data that might be useful to compare to, and each tutorial has an associated workflow.

If you need more help:

  1. Which public Galaxy server are you working at? The URL please.
  2. Which specific tool are you using? Find this at the very top of the tool form and paste that back making sure to include the version
  3. Are you following a tutorial? Which? URL please, and the step you are at
  4. Any other context you can provide would also be helpful. See this FAQ for what to review/report: Troubleshooting errors

Let’s start there, thanks! :slight_smile: