Error in reference genome file format - STRINGTIE

I am using string tie for my workflow on human rna next-seq data. The reference genome for it is not built in. Hence i uploaded the reference genome and converted the format to gff3 from fasta. However the tool is not recognizing the file and is throwing an error. how do i proceed.

Welcome, @jananis

This FAQ has help that resolved most issues with these tools. It includes directly information and links to more FAQs that cover getting formats set up in a way the tools can understand. → FAQ: Extended Help for Differential Expression Analysis Tools

If you want protocol help at any time, please see the tutorials in the Transcriptomics category of the Galaxy Training Network (GTN). → Transcriptomics / Tutorial List

You’ll also find links to those same tutorials with example data and workflow templates at the very bottom of tool forms in the Help section. Meaning, if a specific tool is included in any (instead of a similiar tool), the direct link to an associated tutorial(s) will be listed. Once format is confirmed with the above resources, the examples can help with verifying scientific content.

Hope this helps! If you need more help after reviewing, you can ask followup questions. We’ll probably need to see your work to offer actionable advice. See the banner at this forum for how to do that. We like details :slight_smile: