error in results of ROARY

I HAVE RUN ROARY and got error in error for every file they have written like this
(2023/11/08 17:37:41 Input GFF file doesnt contain annotation we can use so excluding it from the analysis: /data/jwd02f/main/064/472/64472409/working/UPEC-72_fna.gff)
my gff file name i have changed it because in results i dont need prokka and extensions what shall i do
please help
this is one of the links to my results

Hi @Lavanya_Shankar_Sali

This is how to share an example for feedback. You’ll need to set the history to a shared state for others to be able to see the details (even for the info link). You can unshare once done.

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Any persistent problems can be reported in a new question for community help. Be sure to provide enough context so others can review the situation exactly and quickly offer advice.

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